What is the service offered by EVX?

There are different kinds of services that are offered by the people at the EVX Store to their customers, and some of them is that they give a warranty period of that product, and if anything happens to that product, then they will repair or replace the product if the damage is not repairable and all of these things will be done for free if the product is having any kind of problem and that too within the one year warranty period and if anything happens you need to directly report it to the company and tell them to take a look at it instead of going to a local sop and trying to get it fixed for a cheap amount and cheap parts.

When the company man comes, they will ask them everything that is from what was the problem that was occurring in the machine and also what are the things that you did to the machine-like did you shut it off completely, use it then also or did you take them to a local repair shop to get it fixed or looked at.
This is because sometimes when you go to a local shop, they will open up the product, and then they will check for any kind of default, and if a part is damaged, they will remove that part and put in a fake one and sometimes if the repair person is not that honest then they will remove the original part and then install some old parts or anything that will work only for a little while and then you will have to go to that shop again and again, and you will be in loss cause the working and original parts have been removed. Another thing is that the people at EVX have a policy that they will give free delivery to those people who live in Finland and have ordered the products from them.
This is because EVX Store is a store that was first made in Finland, and its headquarters is also located in Finland itself. They have a 30-day free trial and also a return policy. This means that you can use the product, and if you don’t like it, then you can return it within 30 days or else you will have to buy it because this is the policy and the time starts when the product has been delivered to your address.
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